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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is the chief subsidiary of South Korea's giant Samsung Group and the largest electronics producer in Asia. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of consumer electronic products. It operates in three business divisions: consumer electronics (CE) division, which involves in the color televisions (CTVs), monitors, printers, air conditioners, refrigerators, laundry machines and others; information technology & mobile communications (IM) division, which involves in the production of computers, handhold phones (HHPs), network systems, digital cameras and others, as well as device solutions (DM) division, which is divided into semiconductor and display business parts, providing dynamic random access memories (DRAMs), flashes, thin film transistor-liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCDs) and others.

Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox is an enterprise mobile security solution. Samsung Knox provides security features that enable business and personal content to coexist on the same handsets like smartphones, consumer graded tablets and enterprise tablets. The Knox service is part of the company's "Samsung Approved For Enterprise" (SAFE) offerings for smartphones and tablets.

KNOX Premium is an end-to-end solution that provides IT Admins with the ability to manage Android and iOS devices using a cloud-based console and on-device secure workspace. IT Admins can satisfy enterprise security requirements without compromising employee privacy for BYOD and corporately owned and personally enabled (COPE) devices.

KNOX Workspace is a manageable, on-device mobile security solution. Separate enterprise and personal data with enhanced technology secure enough to run on government grade networks. The evolved KNOX Workspace introduces a simpler setup, two containers per device, more apps, and enhanced security.

KNOX Customization is a comprehensive set of tools and services that allow businesses to customize and deploy end-to-end mobile solutions. With KNOX Customization, Samsung devices can be transformed into purpose-built appliances for business-to-business (B2B) markets such as aviation, retail, and hospitality.


Mobile devices have become ubiquitous. Just like consumers, enterprises are finding benefits in using mobile devices to mobilize their business processes. Hundreds of millions of devices of different types and form factors are being deployed by companies for solving real-world business problems. Over the last few years, we have built multiple software products and we are proud of the fact that over 6100 companies in 105 countries around the world use our services for secure and efficient deployment of mobile applications on wide variety of devices such as tablets, smartphones, rugged devices, laptops and smartwears.

42Gears is a customer focused company and evolution of our products over last few years are a result of this approach. We believe customer satisfaction can be achieved only with great customer service. Our team of highly trained support engineers strive hard to provide great customer support.

If you plan to give mobile devices to your field force or use tablets as kiosks in retail stores or in taxis, you would want to ensure that the devices are not misused intentionally or otherwise. Mobile device lockdown and remote management products from 42Gears can help you achieve this goal in an easy and cost effective manner.



Datalogic is the third largest world producer and leader in Europe for handheld barcode readers, in-counter and on-counter barcode scanner, data collection mobile computers, and RFID systems. Datalogic offers outstanding and innovative business solutions in numerous markets, including retail, manufacturing, transport and logistics.


Bixolon is a global manufacturer of world-class printing solutions. Bixolon designs, develops, manufactures and markets printer mechanisms and components for different applications and applications such as POS (Point of Sale), CAT (Card Authorization Terminal) and EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) systems. Bixolon has served these markets for more than a decade by providing high quality products that are widely recognized in the marketplace today. Bixolon products have set higher standards for performance, reliability and customer value. Our families of printers include thermal, impact, inkjet mini-printers, mobile and printing mechanisms and customer visual displays, all with multiple options for interfaces. Bixolon a better solution for your business.


Toshiba Tec Corporation is a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the development, manufacture, sale and maintenance of office equipment and electrical machinery. The Company operates in two business segments. The System Solution segment is involved in the development, manufacture, sale and maintenance of point-of-sale (POS) systems, combined machines, automatic ID systems, such as barcode systems and radio-frequency identification (RFID) systems, and related products in Japan. The Global Solution segment is involved in the development, manufacture, sale and maintenance of POS systems, combined machines, automatic ID systems, and inkjet heads and related products in overseas markets.