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BIXOLON, a global manufacturer of advanced portable printers, Receipt, Label, and Mobile Printers offer both exciting and innovative POS and Mobile printing technologies for an array of industries such as Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Banking, Logistics and more. Contact our team to talk through our products so that we can help choose the perfect device for you.

Our devices are a favourite in a range of industries for their speed and reliability. You can imagine when in a lot of industries, such as retail, this can improve customer satisfaction and customer flow and therefore help increase profitability within the shops.

Setting the standard in printing technology, BIXOLON is an essential tool for any business. We offer the top of the range POS products. Our range of portable printers supports USB, Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC Auto Pairing Technology. Our devices also support Apple, Windows, Android and Symbian platforms.

Choose from the categories above to go through our range and select the perfect one for your business.

POS Printers

BIXOLON’s range of POS printers are perfectly designed to meet customer requirements within both retail and hospitality. Whether you require speedy printing for receipts at a dining table or efficient printing of tickets at a venue, the superfast printing and excellent redability offered by our selection of POS printers is certain to serve the needs of you and your customers.


SRP-Q300 Series

Durable and Cost-Efficient POS Printer



MMFi Bluetooth / WiFi mobile receipt printer

Mobile Printers

BIXOLON’s mobile printers are already used by customers around the world for labelling, receipting, ticketing and reporting. In fact, since launching our mobile printers in 2007, they have helped change the mobile printing industry drastically. This is partly due to the fantastic SDK’s available Apple™ (with MFI Certification), Android™, Windows™ & Symbian™ platforms.



Bluetooth / WiFi Receipt nad Lable Mobile Printer



MFi Bluetooth / WiFi mobile receipt printer