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3-inch Cube POS Printer

SRP-Q300 Series


  • The SRP-Q300 series is a multi-functional cube 3-inch (80mm) cube Thermal Desktop printer offering flexible mPOS receipt printing from smart devices. Supporting front-exit printing, the SRP-Q300 series is designed to free up counters space and compliment the latest mPOS system. The complete series includes the SRP-Q300 (mPOS Printer), SRP-Q300B(Built-in Battery) and SRP-Q300H (B-gate mPOS hub). The cube printer is complimented with a number of accessories to create the ultimate mPOS printing solution. icon


mPOS Ready

  • Compatible with all major operating systems including Android™, iOS™ and Windows®
  • Dual-band WLAN (5GHz and 2.4 GHz)
  • Bluetooth V5.0 (MFi certified)
  • VMSM, NV image tool is supported via Q300 Utility through various connectivity (Bluetooth, WLAN, USB and NFC)
  • Easy Bluetooth pairing, Wi-Fi configuration and printer configuration via NFC
  • Build Your Own Compact mPOS

  • SRP-Q300H supports various USB peripherals, Web & Cloud based printing
  • Built-in battery supports the perfect standalone mPOS solutions
  • Mini LCD Customer Display enabled by SRP-Q300 series (BCD-3000)
  • Robust steel tablet stand safely secures a 10 inch tablet using locking mechanisms and 170° forward-tiling (RTS-Q300)z
  • Reliable and Convenient

  • Cube design optimizes space utilization
  • 53% smaller than SRP-350plusIII
  • Liquid-Barrier™ creates a complete waterproof and dustproof solution (IP21 certified)
  • Well-organized cable management
  • Fast printing speed up to 220 mm/sec
  • All in one Plus™ Interface (Built in USB V2.0FS + Ethernet) + WLAN/Bluetooth V4.2
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    3-inch Cube POS Printer


    The SRP-Q300 is an 3-inch (80mm) front-exit ultra compact cube receip printing solution. Designed to free up counterspace and compliment the latest mPOS solution, ideal for Retail and Hospitality operations.


    3-inch Cube POS Printer


    The SRP-Q300B is a stand-alone cube printer with a 24V Li-ion, 2,750mAh built-in rechargeable battery to allowing wire-free tablet receipt and ticket printing. The cube printer combines quality and capability for a variety of applications from food trucks to pop-up store speciality branding.


    3-inch Thermal mPOS Hub Printer


    The SRP-Q300H a 3-inch (80mm) mPOS cube printing solution which connects traditional POS peripherals with smart device applications. A cost-effective printing solution with accompanying mPOS accessories is ideal minimalistic POS setups.


    3-inch POS Printer


    The SRP-QE300 is a Economic 3-inch (80mm) thermal receipt printer, Designed for compact size required industry due to its high space utilization. Its ideal for a range of printing application where space and budgets are an issue.


    • accessories-bixolon

      Tablet Stand

      Robust table stand for SRP-Q300H and BCD-3000

    • accessories-bixolon


      Audio and visual indicator ideal for kitchen or real time ordering

    • accessories-bixolon


      External buzzer for alarming printer error

    • accessories-bixolon

      DK Gender

      Cash drawer cable

    • accessories-bixolon

      USB Cable

      USB A-B/A-A 1.8m Cable