About us


Wandera provides a zero trust cloud security solution to protect this new way of working. We secure your data and devices against cyber threats, help you apply policies to filter internet access and reduce risk exposure, and enable zero-trust access to all your applications.


Unified real-time security for your remote users, wherever they are and however they connect


One single security solution for all your remote users, that spans use cases from threat protection to content filtering and zero trust network access, and covers smartphones, tablets and laptops. One unified analytics and policy engine that lets you configure once and apply everywhere.


Your users have moved outside the perimeter, and your data has moved to the cloud. Wandera’s cloud-first approach ensures a consistent and seamless security and usability experienc for all remote users, and doesn’t suffer from the challenges of extending legacy architectures to today’s new way of working


As threats constantly evolve, you need to ensure that your business is protected. Wandera’s protection is powered by MI:RIAM, the industry’s most advanced threat intelligence engine. MI:RIAM ingests information from 425 million mobile sensors daily to protect against the broadest range of known and zero day threats.


A range of deployment options can be combined for one enterprise to ensure you have the right solution for each use case, while catering for any ownership model. You can dial the security up for corporate devices in a regulated environment, while maximizing privacy and seamless connectivity for your BYOD users.


Cloud hosted secure remote access – enable simple, secure and fast Zero Trust Network Access to any type of corporate resource. Eliminate the broad discoverability and reachability of data and apps.


Prevent your endpoints from being compromised. Protect your data against the broadest range of threats.


The rise of streaming services like YouTube and Netflix are causing data pools to drain rapidly. Corporate devices provide the flexibility to work any time, anywhere. But even on personally enabled devices, non-business activity shouldn’t strain your data plan.



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In-network protection

Real-time security in the network, blocking zero-day threats at source. Our cloud based SDP creates secure isolated connections for each application. Fast and resilient tunnelling and encryption protocols deliver enterprise grade security.

Global network

Our high performance cloud platform scales vertically and horizontally on demand to deliver real-time security across 30+ global locations.

Unified policy

Each step of the policy execution flow has been reimagined. Configure once, apply anywhere. Real-time analytics for complete visibility.

Threat intelligence

Informed by 425 million sensors across our global network, the MI:RIAM threat intelligence engine always stays ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

Deployment options

Mix and match our endpoint application with a variety of flexible network security options, including our Software Defined Perimeter, to suit your enterprise security needs.

Ecosystem integrations

Make the most of your security investments and leverage our pre-built integrations to the largest ecosystem of UEM, IAM and SIEM technologies.