Knox Workspace
Enterprise device container

Supports all Knox policies based on MDM compatibility Locks corporate data permanently if a device is compromised Supported by industry-leading EMM and MDM partners

Knox Premium
Cloud-based device management

Easy cross-platform device management Supports most Knox policies Knox Workspace is available as an add-on

Knox Enabled App
Added security for Android apps

Advanced encryption to protect customer data Isolated app data without an MDM client Unobtrusive to end users

Knox Customization
Customize Samsung devices

Create tailored experiences with standard hardware Leverage deeper device modifications Includes an SDK and configuration tools

Knox Technology

  • Chipset Security

    Samsung manufactures and configures its devices in its own factories, and has designed them so that all critical security mechanisms are anchored from the device chipset.

  • Integrity Monitoring

    Booting components are always tested for integrity, while Run Time Protection blocks any code changes to the kernel, and ensures the integrity of the data in system partition.

  • Warranty Bit

    If hacking or rooting is detected on the device, our one-time e-fuse blows, disallowing any user access and securing all data. Attestation allows IT admins to remotely check if a device is trustworthy.

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