Mobile Endpoint Security

Zimperium empowers enterprises to secure their mobile endpoints, enabling employees to access sensitive data and mission-critical systems safely and securely. Our enterprise-focused, advanced mobile security solution integrates with UEM and XDR platforms and is deployable on any cloud, on-premises, and air-gapped environments.


Zimperium Protects Digital Transformation

We address enterprise risk by lowering it from mobile threats and attacks on endpoints and apps.
Therefore, increasing the overall mobile security posture

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Industry Recognition

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Zimperium named representative vendor

Industry Recognition

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Mobile Threat Management Software (2018 – 2019)

Zimperium's zIPS product has a strong machine learning (ML)–based core function, which creates a baseline of normal mobile device activity and behavior, then monitors, alerts, and mitigates threats based on deviations from the baseline.

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A very powerful solution

Love the option to create group policies so we can address the needs of our different populations. Their keen intuition and insight on what mobile security needs, is what makes them so successful.

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Cyber Security Excellence Awards

2020 Gold Winner in Mobile Threat Defense

Cyber Security Excellence Awards

2020 Silver Winner in Best Cybersecurity Company

2020 Most Innovative Enterprise Mobile Threat Defense

Mobile Endpoint Security

On-Device Protection


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Complete Mobile Security


Why is on-device so important?

Complete privacy, without losing security

All detection is on device, sensitive data is not sent to the cloud.

Offline Support

Detection works with or without internet connection

Near-instant detection and remediation

Both the engine and actions are stored locally

Zimperium’s Mobile App Protection Suite
(MAPS) | Mobile App Security

A Platform Approach

The Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS) from Zimperium provides four capabilities, including Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST), App Shielding, Key Protection, and Runtime Protection (RASP). The suite provides mobile app teams with centralized threat visibility and comprehensive in-app protection from development through runtime. It combines both inside-out and outside-in security approaches to help organizations build compliant, secure, and resilient mobile apps.

MAPS is a key component of the Zimperium Mobile-First Security Platform™ that secures mobile devices and mobile applications.